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A non-profit Software Development organization to spread the message of Islam worldwide


Deen means religion Islam.

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.[Al Quran - 3 : 19]

These days, technology permeates every aspect of our lives. Almost all industries, including business, are expanding (moving forward) with the help of technologies. But most important is to spread Islam.

The state of technology has significantly advanced recently. People are now accustomed to using technologies. Our main objective is to spread Deen Islam through modern technology all around the world. In this approach, we can quickly reach millions of individuals.

Our efforts are purely non-profit. We do not charge for any projects and our applications are likewise free of advertisements.

We are working for the following three sets of goals.

Applications for Scholars & Da'wah organizations

Develop Islamic websites and mobile apps for Scholars, Da’wah organizations and under their supervision. All the Islamic scholars are our assets; they are themselves like an institute. It is so important to keep all of their resources (books, lectures, articles, and research papers) together in one place.


Applications for Non-Muslim Countries

Most of the people of Muslim countries, focusing Da’wah on their country, they also have enough human resources. But non-muslim countries getting lack human resources in their Da’wah work, and sometimes it is difficult for them to get technological support.

Develop Islamic applications

Alhamdulillah, some useful Islamic applications already exist. But one of our primary goals is to create more promising Islamic applications. The more we all grow, the more people we will be able to reach and involve.


You can visit our donation page, use a card or PayPal account.

We have asked this question to Scholars, answer was Yes. Please check it "Can Zakat be given to Deeni Info Tech?".
Deeni Info Tech is a non-profit Da’wah organization to spread Islam worldwide. But as two opinion exists on this, so please read more form IslamQa "Can zakaah be used for da’wah purposes?".

Please contact with us, if you would want a wider reach.

To spread Deen Islam worldwide with the help of technologies. Please check more detail in About Us page.

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