Applications for Scholars & Da'wah organizations


Applications for Scholars & Da'wah organizations

Develop Islamic websites and mobile applications for Scholars, Da'wah organizations and Islamic applications under their supervision.

Islamic scholars are our assets; they are themselves like an institute. It is so important to keep all of their resources (books, lectures, articles, and research papers) together in one place. This can be done by developing their personal website.

Islamic Da'wah organizations are also doing great Da'wah for their communities. Da'wah organizations need the website for their contents and to spread Da'wah more.

Another sort of support is to develop Islamic applications under Scholars' and Da'wah organizations' supervision. Such as Quran, Hadith, Zakat, Hajj.

Deeni Info Tech is, in summary (in a straightforward way), a software development company. The only differences are Islamic projects from authentic source and not financial.

Alhamdulillah, we are developing these sorts of websites and mobile applications throughout the world.

Projects of this type we have done so far,
Official website of Sheikh Dr Monzur-E-Elahi
Official website & mobile app of Dr Abdullah Jahangir.
Official website of Sheikh Hacene Chebbani
AmarZakat application. Website & Mobile app.
Official website of Sheikh Dr Abu Bakar Zakaria
Short Tafseer in Bengali.
Official website of Sheikh Dr Muhammad Saifullah
AmarHajj application. Website & Mobile app.
Dawah organization - Sheikh Dr Imam Hossain
Islamic University website.
Islamic complex website
Website of Masjid Al Noor Hanoi, Vietnam

Some of our in progress projects,
Official website of Sheikh Saifuddin Belal Madani